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Welcome To Educare Fund

Sponsoring the Education of Young Women in Lesotho (Southern Africa)

The aim of Educare Fund is to support the education of young women at secondary school level in Lesotho.

Government funding is available for primary and higher education in this country for orphans, as a priority, but many kids do not fully qualify for these funds.

Secondary education mostly must be paid for by parents. It is relatively expensive, and many girls from poorer families do not get past this level of education, let alone reach university.

In the past, when families had to make a choice, because they could not afford to educate all their children, it was often the girls who had to leave school.

Changes in recent times have led to more gender equality in this regard.

However, socially women and girls still bear the greater burden/responsibility for raising children and caring for families.

The challenges that lead to girls dropping out of education early are often as a result of family poverty.

The rural landscape makes education even tougher for poorer families; not only can it be challenging to pay for education, they also have to consider travel on top of uniforms, books and exam fees.

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“Through your assistance I managed to obtain very good results for the final high school exams ( 2 A* , 1 B and 5 A).

From the bottom of my heart, I really thank you.”