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Empowering Through Education

About Educare Fund

At Educare Fund, we are dedicated to fostering the academic growth and potential of young women in Lesotho by providing necessary financial support for their education. Our commitment extends beyond just school fees; we aim to create a sustainable future for each student we assist.

Meet Our Founder, Monica

Monica, the heart and soul behind Educare Fund, embarked on her journey to make a difference in the lives of young women in Lesotho after a transformative visit to the region in 2010. Witnessing firsthand the challenges faced in accessing quality education, she founded Educare Fund with the mission to sponsor the education of young women in Southern Africa. Her passion and dedication have been the driving force in expanding the charity to support 30 girls with their school and exam fees.

Milestones of Educare Fund

Explore the significant milestones that have shaped Educare Fund and contributed to the education of young women in Lesotho.


Foundation of Educare Fund

The journey began with the establishment of Educare Fund, dedicated to sponsoring the education of young women in Lesotho.


First Scholarship Awards

Educare Fund awarded its first scholarships, supporting the school fees of five deserving students.


Partnership with Local Schools

Formed strategic partnerships with local schools in Lesotho to facilitate better educational resources and support.


Expansion of Scholarship Program

The scholarship program expanded to support 20 students annually, covering not only school fees but also exam fees.


Introduction of Mentorship Programs

Launched mentorship programs to provide professional guidance and personal development for the scholarship recipients.


30 Scholarship Milestone

Educare Fund reached a new milestone by supporting the education of 30 young women, marking significant growth and impact.

Meet Our Lesotho Team

Our dedicated team in Lesotho plays a pivotal role in ensuring the success of our programs, directly engaging with the communities and schools to support the education of young women.

Lerato Mafela

Program Director

Thabo Sehloho

Education Coordinator


Community Liaison

Collaborative Workshops with gtsyn

2021 – Present

Lead Facilitator

Educare Fund & gtsyn Partnership

Responsible for orchestrating and leading educational workshops aimed at enhancing the skills and knowledge of our team in Lesotho, in collaboration with gtsyn specialists.

2019 – 2021

Workshop Coordinator

Educare Fund

Coordinated multiple training sessions focusing on capacity building for our staff, with support from gtsyn to ensure effective program delivery and sustainability.

2017 – 2019

Program Support Specialist

Educare Fund & gtsyn Initiative

Supported the development and implementation of educational programs, leveraging gtsyn’s resources and expertise to enhance our educational outreach.

Make a Difference Today

Your contribution to Educare Fund can light up the future for young women in Lesotho. Every donation helps us cover school and exam fees, empowering them to achieve their educational dreams. Join us in making a real impact—donate or volunteer today!