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a) How much does it cost?

Currently, secondary school fees in Lesotho vary from one institution to another, ranging from around £150 to £200 per year. As little as £15 a month would pay all the fees at the lower end or make a reasonable contribution toward higher fee requirement (excluding books and uniform).


b) Who is eligible for support?

The project supports hard working girls with a good educational record, who would not be able to continue or complete their high school education because family circumstances prevent the payment of fees.


c) How do the girls apply?

Schools are made aware of the availability of support via our partner organisation, IBEA. If the pupil meets the criteria above, and their application is endorsed by the Head Teacher, they send a letter to Educare giving a profile of themselves, their future plans, and their understanding of the importance of education.The Educare application form should be completed to each pupil who meets the selection criteria.


d) How do I know what my contribution has achieved?

The schools are required to provide a progress report for each girl supported by Educare during the previous year. Periodic pupil progress updates will be posted on the website.


e) How can school principals access support for eligible pupils?

All required information should be provided as incomplete applications will not be considered. The Educare committee will decide on applications and the deadline for new applications is the 31st of October each year. Applications must be accompanied by a recent photograph, evidence of academic performance in the form of a recent report and a previous year’s summary is essential. Additionally, a clear statement regarding the pupil’s family circumstances and they reason they are applying for an award.


Guidance Document


f) How much of my money goes towards the running costs of the charity?

The Educare committee meet regularly throughout the year and keep running costs at the lowest possible level. The charity administration costs have on average amounted to less than 1% of funds raised.


g) What is the application process?

School principals are made aware of the availability of support via our partner organisation in Lesotho, IBEA (Ithuteng Basetsana Educare Association). Principals identify the most eligible pupils and obtain an application form from IBEA. The pupils that meet the criteria are then asked to write a short letter to Educare Fund giving a profile of themselves, their future plans and their understanding of the importance of education.


All applications are considered by the IBEA committee who then put forward a final list for approval by the Educare Fund committee. Educare’s aim is to support girls who are bright but whose family circumstances would prevent them from finishing their schooling. The support is not intended for able pupils whose families can afford to put them through school.